The Concept

The concept of the 4 axes (Business concept)

Nowadays, it’s not easy to find a home that meets your needs, your budget, and your desires. There are many challenges to overcome before you can settle into your own house:

  • Finding the right land, well-located, of the correct surface area, and offered at a fair price,
  • Preparing a bank file and submitting it to the bank,
  • Dealing with often complicated administrative procedures,
  • Visiting the notary to sign the deed of sale,
  • Hiring a surveyor to determine the land boundaries and an architect to design your house plans,
  • Obtaining the building permit from the local council,
  • Applying for state grants,
  • Taking care of the construction itself, which involves many difficult decisions regarding materials, style, equipment, and quality.

All these steps can cost you a lot of stress, time, and money, without guaranteeing that you will be satisfied in the end!

But what if there was a simpler and better way to build the home of your dreams?

Home of Homes is your reliable partner committed to taking on all these time-consuming tasks so that you don’t have to worry about anything, but only to express your ideas and wishes.

Our model is based on 4 axes:

  1. Advice > Searching for the land that meets your requirements and budget. We handle all the banking procedures (15 years of banking experience) to ensure you the best financing. We carry out all local administrative procedures to get the necessary permits. We accompany you during the notary, surveyor, and architect processes to provide you with the best legal and technical advice. We are available at any time to answer your questions and dispel your concerns.
  1. Realization > We take care of all the technical aspects of building the house as well as the construction itself (experienced partner for 8 years). We build your house according to the plans and amenities you choose, with quality materials and qualified professionals. We guarantee a quick and efficient execution that meets all safety and quality standards. We oversee the entire construction process to ensure everything goes according to plan. We hand you the keys to your new home, ready for you to inhabit.
  1. Heritage > From the land search to after the house construction, we ensure that it corresponds to its market value and even gains value in case of future resale. We help you maintain and improve your home by giving you tips and tricks to protect and beautify it. We also offer after-sales service and are available if you wish to sell or rent your house, offering you the best conditions and opportunities.
  1. Environment > The construction maximally respects sustainability, the environment, ecology, and low energy consumption. It preserves the environment, promotes health and well-being through the use of ecological materials. The integration of renewable energies, such as solar panels and heat pumps, in our homes reduces energy consumption and increases energy efficiency. Our houses are designed to blend harmoniously into the landscape and respect the natural beauty of the environment. We contribute to reducing the ecological footprint and making a positive contribution to climate protection.

As you can see, at Home of Homes, we are more than just a real estate company. We are your partner, who helps you to fulfill your dream of owning your own home.

Contact us today, and let’s start your project together!

Label = 8 years of experience in the Luxembourg real estate market + 15 years of experience in real estate financing).

We are proud of our work and are committed to providing superior quality service to all our clients.