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The ideal solution that covers both climatic and regulatory aspects = Wood construction!

Wood is a natural, renewable, and climate-friendly material, offering many advantages. It stores CO2, reduces energy consumption, and improves air quality. It is lightweight, strong, and versatile. It allows for quick, simple, and customized construction, provides high thermal and acoustic insulation, and creates a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. Wood is durable, easy to maintain, and recyclable!

We offer various wood construction techniques and different types of wooden walls, which can be chosen according to needs and tastes while using local and bio-based materials.

The choice of our suppliers is based on the principle of ensuring their commitment to research and development of new technologies and materials to further enhance the durability and energy efficiency of the built objects.

The most common wood construction techniques are:

• Solid wood construction: This involves stacking and connecting panels or beams of solid wood. This technique is very stable, robust, and fire-resistant.

• Wood panel construction with integrated insulation and installations that are assembled to form a house. This construction method is very fast, precise, and energy-efficient.

Our favorite = Timber frame construction: This involves cladding wooden studs with panels or wooden boards and filling them with insulating materials. This technique is very light, flexible, and economical.

The interior life of the walls and the types of wooden walls can vary depending on the requirements for thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and fire protection.

The most common types of wooden walls are:

• External wall: This involves covering the wooden structure with an outer layer of wood, plaster, metal, or other materials. This layer protects against the elements and gives the house an individual appearance.

• Interior wall: This involves covering the wooden structure with an inner layer of wood, plaster, or other materials. This layer provides good acoustics and a pleasant atmosphere in the room.

• Intermediate wall: This involves equipping the wooden structure with an intermediate layer of insulating materials, films, or plates. This layer improves thermal and acoustic insulation and prevents the formation of moisture and mold.

The materials and substances used for wood construction are carefully selected and controlled. They meet the highest quality and safety standards and are environmentally friendly and safe for health. They do not contain harmful chemicals, glues, or preservatives. They are breathable, regulate moisture, and are antistatic. They are resistant to pests, fungi, and rot.

Beyond construction, Home of Homes supports you in making the right choice of heating and ventilation systems best suited to your project and budget.

In terms of smart technical equipment (SmartHome), Home of Homes offers the best advice and a range of brands and systems such as KNX, Philips Hue, and others.

You choose a home that will make you proud. Contact us today and let our experts advise you. We look forward to your inquiry and your project. We are your partner for wood construction.